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  DJ Niki DJ NIKI    
DJ NIKI is a founder and owner of  worldwide psychedelic trance label Mighty Quinn Records. He has released  quite a few very well recognized and respected compilations as well as most recent release - V/A - Infinity Voyager. DJ NIKI has been Djing since 2004 and had played at numerous psychedelic parties around the globe. Over many years of musical “tranced out” research and of course serious listening and space partying, DJ NIKI has acquired a full length and power collection of music and presents a complete psychedelic story to the dancer on the floor. Niki’s sets are described to be perfect for any time of the party and are always smooth, rhythmic, extra spicy and mysterious. The result is a perfect atmosphere for body and mind. Trancers and dancers are put in a happy, easy going, relaxed state of mind.
  Adam Sunchild Sunchild    

Sunchild is the project of San Francisco based producer and DJ Adam Heckart.
At 17, Adam discovered psychedelic trance at a Goa Gil party in Northern California.  Deeply inspired by the experience, he began experimenting with producing and DJing.  In 2005 Sunchild was created, driven by the idea that through sound and dance, humans can access the universal consciousness and unleash the great energy of the soul.

The sound of Sunchild is comprised of unique atmospheres, evocative sounds, and hypnotic patterns, always centered around a strong dance element. Sunchild is known for playing psychedelic night time sets, guiding the listener through a dynamic story of vast soundscapes.
Described by some as forest trance, dark, groovy, fluffy - Adam keeps his focus on offering a unique psychedelic experience that transcends sub-genre. Sunchild has performed at parties and festivals, including Burning Man Festival(USA), Love Parade SF(USA), Cosmic Convergence Festival(GUA), Chicken Scratch(SA), How Weird Street Fair(USA), Red Marines Music Festival(USA), Gemini Festival(USA), among others.

Get information about performances and releases and listen to Sunchild sounds at:

PUZZE DAO Thomas Franske aka PUZZE DAO aka Digitalist was born in 1980 in Switzerland. Since 1999 he connected to psychedelic music and started as DJing. In 2000 he made his first steps in music production and created sounds with analog synthesizers! In 2002 his project Digitalist was created with intention to perform powerful, futuristic and driving music. PUZZE DAO is Thomas’ most recent underground project with its first release on Mighty Quinn Rec. Over the past years, he has been developing his sound and is currently on his solo album. He has worked with N3xu5, Dejan, Electrypnose and Jelly Headz and played at many parties across Switzerland.
IRGUM BURGUM Location: Budapest, Hungary. Irgum Burgum is Zoltán Farkas (Garcy) and Gyuri Timar (dj Jirzij). Before falling in love with electronic music, Garcy played guitar in a hard-core rock band.He has been making psytrance since 2003. With ten years of djing under his belt, Gyuri (Dj Jirzij) decided that it was time he began to create his own sounds. They realized that their musical ideas are quite similar, and joined forces. They now create music together, under the name Irgum Burgum. ------MANO is a project by Zoltan Farkas, also known as 1rgum 3urgum. The project was designed as a solo project of Zoltan; whereas Irgum Burgum was a collaboration of Psybaba records owner DJ Jirzij. The project combines multiple genres of sounds and innovative ideas. Mano is a musical experiment from the labs of Hungary, with its exclusive and modern views on the world of electronic music. It combines multiple elements of techno, electro, dark vibes and light atmospheric sounds, as well as minimalism and of course full power psychedlia. The project was previously totally unreleased, and now the times are finally for Mano! Get ready, buckle up and expect a super pleasant psy-trance journey!
RED whose real name is Radik (Rodion), was born in 1981 in St. Petersburg, Russia at 18, he seized the opportunity to write music; at that time, he was studying to be an architect. In 2001, he made his first public appearance in his hometown under the name of Red. Nightlife totally rocked his head, so in 2002 he quits school and dove into the world of electronic music. Like many artists, he did not have any specific music style and was experimenting in all directions. After 5 years of music production, he finally found his signature. Red is an optimistic and easy to talk to and get along with person.
Orestis was born at Athens, Greece in 1980. The first musical experience was in metal/ gothic and hardcore music. Psychedelic scene has come into his life at 1996, as he discovered a new dimension in electronic music and since 2001 he starting djing. The last year, he started to write dark underground atmospheric sounds, which influences his true psychedelic thoughts
DEJAN is a project from Paris, France. He discovered electronic music in 1995 and got interested in music production. After attending his first psychedelic trance party in 1998, he fell in love with this kind of music and began to make psy trance. Now he makes underground psy trance and chill out sounds. He performed in France, Russia, Japan, United States and Switzerland. He is also involved in a wide variety of psychedelic projects such as DEJUN, 0.0.0, LOKO, THE MANY FACES
DARKSHIRE is a bro from Greece Mario Sounoglou, who is the man behind the DARKSHIRE Project. Born and living in Athens for 22 years, Mario studied computer science in Lamia, central Greece. All these began at early 2000 when Mario discovered psychedelic trance and starting to go to parties and festivals around Greece. The next years followed by listening to lot of different styles of psy trance and trying to figure out what’s going on in this story. At August 2004 Mario first time under the guidance of Dimitri (Dark Elf) @ KGB Laboratories saw how machines are used to create sounds. At same time, Mario meets Viktor Zolodorenko in a visit to Greece; they work on a track at his place and at that time he saw that good results can come out even not lots of machines are used. Somewhere there darkshire felt his solo project is about to be born. Music style, which influenced him the most, was Viktor’s music and generally the Russian innovative wave. Then at the place where he was studying, Lamia (Greece) a long experimenting period with very close friends: Stefano (Detonator), Dimitri (Dark Elf) and Gregory (part of Kokobloko project) started. There he meets up with Dimitri (Aenaon) and a very killer col-laboration comes out soon from their experiments. They continue studying and experimenting with sounds as well as that time Mario’s first releases comes out with Zolod at Vertigo records. Some more releases coming out very soon and work on an album is in progress
SONIC SCIZZOR is La a.k.a. (Alien Mental) is from Chennai-South India; currently living in San Francisco for the past few years. I grew up playing in many different bands, from metal to punk to experimental jam rock and gigged around India since the age of 16. Ive always been open to many different genres of music and still listen to a wide variety of stuff. My *trAnCe MiSsiOn* began in San Francisco during the year 2001. The intention of my music is to lift the consciousness of the dancer through well paced, consistent, mind bending-brain churning sequences. Expect uncompromising baselines filled with layers of sharp twisty leads to morphing textures that will take you to the deepest regions of your mind I frequently write music with the Fractal Cowboys (Dylan and Quasar) and have collaborated on trax with artists such as Ocelot, Zik, Ghreg on Earth, Highko, Dj Iguana, Mubali, Dejan, Entropy and many more. Sonic Scizzor is La’s most recent underground project with its first release on Mighty Quinn Records.
HOKUS POKUS are two guys (Eske and Kaas) from Aarhus, Denmark, who make the live act Hokus Pokus come true. They met each other at a squat party in Aarhus back in 97. After some years and many parties, we got together and had some blasting sessions...Out of that the Hokus Pokus project started and evolved. The roots of this project is based around the idea of making a live performance, which means that we only perform with Hokus Pokus, live and together! We have both been playing as dj's at many different occasions in Aarhus, and have big interest in a wide spectrum of quality music. We both have a passion for sick twisted hypnotic dance floor bombs for the night time!! As well as funkadelic forest grooves and wicked fairytales for the morning.
JELLY HEADZ Fabio and Karim are two French artists and friends based at Paris. They met each others in 1996, while from 1993,in underground trance period, both of them, are part of DROIDSECT crew with Luc & Julien from DIGITAL TALK, Raphael from DATAKULT) and many more. Jelly Headz is alchemy between two alien brains. The project was born in 1996. From the beginning, Fabio and Karim develop a very massive, twisted, groovy, deeply nervous, and totally underground psychedelic music. With passing years, their talent and their style are confirmed; they keep that anti-establishment and revolutionary mind spirit which is peculiar to both of them Jelly Headz concept is still strongly engaged. JELLY: Karim discovered techno in 1990 when the movement explore the "night circle” of Paris (Boy's, Palace, Kit Kat), he was also very present in hip hop and funk sound system and then he discovered trance stage in 1993. Jelly was an inevitable member of the French trance underground of that period (party promoter, deco, etc) He start(s) to compose trance music with a Spanish friend in 1993. In the end of 1999 he joined with Raphael and form DATAKULT, Jelly Headz project is created with Fabio in 1996. Several different project with Karim have seen the day from that date as "THE MANY FACES" with DEJAN, BABA JELLY (which is Karim own project), and more recently VICIOUS ALCHEMY with CHRYSALID. HEADZ:Fabio discover the techno movement first in UK in 1990. He learned to mix and became an inevitable techno and Drum&Bass Dj. During 10 years, Fabio played in many party's in France and in some other countries. Trance is part of him from 1993. In 1994, it is Said Acher, eminent member of DENSHI DANSHI from POF records (one of the first French trance project) with who Fabio started to learn the music, later he join "CYCLOID" project with Julien (DIGITAL TALK), and Raphael Befort (DATAKULT, and finally, Jelly Headz is formed in 1996.
ALREADY MAGED On may 8 1983 may in family of painters was born Ego Yudinin his school times 15 years old shy freak from Ukraine provincial town begins his first meetings with electronic music through the radio and friends. Little bit later under the big impression of IDM, experimental and rave music, he starts his first tests of musical creation at Fast Trekker 2. On 22.04.98 was his first unforgettable party, organized by nowadays good friends Shiva Group and Andi Guns known as TrooTooToo) afterwards trootootoo tought and formed Gosha of psychedelic music. This friendship between the 2 is very productive, and Gosha opens up as a dj (dj Ogg) and begins to organize psy trance parties in his own town.in 2000 he enters institute on an architectural faculty, where he encounters with metal music (especially with big love to trash and black metal). This same time he is playing at the youth theater and goes into mountain tracking due to young experimaental spirit of the theatre producer. Then he tries himself as a drummer in one unknown band with his friends. A large role in gosha's development was literary genre fantasy which finilized and completed the concept of already maged project in the year 2000. First track was released in 2006. At this days project is trying to develop more and now is working on the first album. Also Gosha is a producer with two side projects known as "Yum Tsgi" (experimental) and "Goa-Punk" (with big influences of Suomi-trance and Australian sound. These projects remain unreleased.
DRURY NEVIL/SAFI DAFI. Dennis a.k.a. Drury Nevil and Safi Dafi was born in a cave near Andritsena village; close to the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo (god of music and beauty).That’s why he decided to start writing psychedelic dance music with his computer, and several hardware equipment. Before he started to compose these sounds, he never visited a psychedelic party or listened to this kind of music. He was just exploring the mountains and the forests around the village, where he grew up. Then he started to listen to this kind of strange new sounds in his first trance gathering experience. He realized, that many people around the world do to like and enjoy this music, so is now Denis is ready to introduce him self as Drury Nevil – Safi Dafi to all of the trancers and dancers. Enjoy his music as much as he is enjoying. Big boom from Dennis!
MUKTISVARA. ISVARA is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan and was raised by wolfs in the steps of Mongolia until he was fifteen, when an ancient mountain shaman found him and taught him the magic arts of music. He has been stumbling around in the fifth dimension until he mysteriously appeared in Times Square with a 15 foot long beard. No one noticed. MUKTI was born in Russia and earned his degree in quantum physics at the age of thirteen and was hidden by the KGB in the deep tundra. He served the Soviet government in a secret underground physics laboratory until we was able to escape to New York. With Isvara's animal instincts and innate musical talent and Mukti's technical skills they are able to produce music to conquer dark spirits. Their shoe sizes are nine and a half and ten respectively.
GORUMP PEYYA The name behind the project Gorump Peyya is Meto Kocev from Macedonia. Meto has a stylish way for producing music; in his sounds you will find dark-ness, hope, and appreciation to excellent trips that will take you beyond and beyond. He also have a lot of other side projects with many artists like Silent Horror, Phobos Azazel, Claw, Necropyscho, K_Lapso, Plaex, Blisargon Demogorgon, Infect Insect, Fragletrollet, Wizack Twizack, Furious, etc. His other projects are Isentropic from Gorump Peyya and Silent Horror which was released by Namaha Rec. Stay tuned for this crazy mental trax. Cheers.
  FAREBI JALEBI is the project of Adip Butalia from Melbourne. Originally from New Delhi India, Adip has been in Melbourne for the past 4 years where he completed his degree in Sound engineering and recording arts. After DJing at many parties since early 2004 in New Delhi, Melbourne, Nimbin and Launceston, he now produces moderate tempo night time psy with mystic atmospheric groves and weird dripping sounds. The product of Farebi Jalebi is meant to give the mind a path to wander off. In his music you will find a touch of magic, love and heaps of madness.    
  DERANGO is Jens & Ola. Both from Sweden they have had several electronically-oriented music projects in the past until year 2000 when they started to make psychedelic music together. Many tracks have been released since then on various compilations and they got published during year 2005 their debut album "Tumult". The creativity of Derango is a full expression of the psychedelic experience transferred in music. Their huge sound pictures are created combining a solid-warm base with on the top waves of sounds from synths and samples in a constant change and movement: the result is an unique wrapping effect that gives to the listeners on one side the safe feeling of the belonging to mother-earth womb and, on the other side, the challenge of discovering and understanding that our mind and spirit have no borders. Their music is like a visual, and the expierenced listener will be carried away!    
  SAIKOZAURUS is a solo project of Daniil Pastushenko aka Dj Liinad, born at 1980 in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1999 goa trance came into his life, growing fast on him, until in 2001 he evolved as a DJ. In 2003 Daniil started experiments with Cubase, in 2005 channeled his new scene name Saikozaurus,and now makes some trippy forest tunes which are represented by djs all around the globe.    
  ENCEPHALOPATICYS is the project of Vasko Velickovski. The name of the project sound weird, but that is how his music realy is. He is born and living in Macedonia a place full of high hills and spirits unknown for most of the listeners, Macedonia is another reason of his unique style and powerful sound. He started Dj ing in 2001,and as an extreme type of person after couple of eyers he found DJ ing as a bridge to something that will build a path leading to his dream-creating his own visions into sounds. After few years of djing and more time spend with psychedelic music, he start to experiment with the psychedelic sounds, starting to create his own sounds, in his studio. The project Encephalopaticys is born 2003. It´s hard to find the right words to describe his music some will say it hard, dark powerful night trance, I´ll say its sound that came from one identity one person one mind simply Encephalopaticys. In this project Vasko works on very powerful dark sound, with deep bass line followed by psychedelic sounds and scary forest atmospheres, inspired by the high hills, the surrounding spirits and the oxygen poison. ”All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.” EnJOY it.    
  ANNOYINGNINJAS is a dynamic psytrance duo from Aarhus, Denmark. It started around 2003 and was first introduced to the scene in 2004. The project consists of Zoolog and Ringo Gringo aka. Oginok, and has previously been released on Sanaton Records and Cosmic Theatre Records - the future has more in store. "The Ninjas" has performed in many countries: Norway, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Greece, Russia and more - from festivals to smaller events. The music is experimental, frame-breaking and with a sense of humor, yet it keeps within a mindset resembling the vibe of local forest-gatherings; pixie-pounding grooves, fractal simulations, combined with a pinch of madness - full dance-floor suitable.    
  NXUM is Bo Gosmer from Aarhus, Denmark. While traveling in Africa I learned that "Nxum" is the name of the healing spirit, that the San people connected with, when they danced in trance at their sacred rituals. I thought was a very fitting name for a psychedelic music project. I find that one of best ways of being purely in the moment, is on a dancefloor listening to psychedelic music. Hopefully my tunes will assist people to enjoy the moments on the dancefloor as much as I do!    
  Milan Manasievski aka DISTORTED GOBLIN is born on march 1989 in Skopje, the capitol of Macedonia, now he is living in town called Kumanovo (same country). His whole life is guided by music, since his 10 he is playing the piano and havent stopped till now. At the age of 13 he played the bass guitar in punk/rock band. The need of something more powerfull brouth Milan into Psytrance. After few years of intensive listening he started to create his own music. His music contains deep, mystic melodies and spacey ambient sounds. It cannot be defined as dark and agressive, because its made with love spreading the peacefull message all over the world.    
  TROMO (the Greek word for fear) aka John Stilianides was born in N. Ionia, a suburb of Athens. Although he first started studying classic guitar and synthesizer at very young age, few years later he was playing with friends in heavy and black metal style. At about 1997 he initiated in electronic music and then he has been to many parties that affected his musical choices. The most important was at an international festival in a mysterious island of Greece called Samothraki where he was completely ‘psychedelized’. In 2004 he began to set up his studio in order to compose his dark psychedelic thoughts and turn them into tracks that can be heard all over the psycho-world.    
  DOHM is, Domas Gudelis, who was born in 1985 in Vilnius (Lithuania). Music played a big role in Domas life from his early childhood. Project ìDoHmî was initiated in summer 2006, when Domas life was enlightened with Psychedelic music. In the beginning DoHm started to produce psychedelic chill out, but after some time he also started to make trance music. Participating in various psy-events gave a lot of positive experience. DoHm is devoted to the same sound of music from the prime core and time of its creation. It is deep atmospheric psychedelic sound. DoHm was always fascinated by Russian and Norwegian psytrance music, as it is mysterious, deep and powerful. DoHm is strongly influenced by Victor Zolotarenko (ZOlod). DoHm is thankful for everybody who is helping to make all his dreams become possible.    
  DONKEY SHOT is a project from Swedish farm created by Johan the organik wizard! His sounds are among the most unusual and psychedlik to the fullest effect. The surroundings of mother nature inspire Johan to freat such energetically biobynamic sound! freat = create*** He has another side projects together with derango and traskel and is part of Hallucinogenic Horses collective!    
  Freakplanet FREAKPLANET    
  My name is Panos and this project was created by my interest in trying to understand all that knobs, faders, ... and parameters that can manipulate soundwaves. I enjoy playing with frequencies and sequences directing them towards psychedelia infused with twisted elements and grooveful rythms... The first contact with knobs and buttons was in 2003 when I got my first computer and start to explore its musical generating capabilities. Gradualy it became clear to me the way machines can produce unique whilst unlimited timbres and along with my help, little flavours of music appeared. Spiced with various parameters...feelings...thoughts and a whole lot of ingredients the soup was made.
Thanks everybody who helped!
I hope you enjoy your meal!
  DJ'ane Chozen Jo Dj CHOZEN JO    
Dj ChoZen Jo, a.k.a Jo Faull, has always loved music. Growing up in London as a child she learned to play piano and guitar. As a teenager she was a founding member and bass player of the legendary punk band “The Flowers of Romance”. Moving to New York, Jo started film editing and sound design. A documentary film editing project brought her to Goa, India and this is where she discovered her passion for psychedelic trance. She became an avid music collector and follower of the scene and was encouraged by friends to start dj'ing. Naturally she loved it and never looked back! Chozen Jo is best known for her deep atmospheric style, with strong percussive elements and melodic influences, and an attention to the sonic story. In 2011 Chozen Jo became label dj for Tremors Underground Records. In March 2012 Jo was invited to play also for Mighty Quinn Records. In May 2014 Jo joined Temple Twister Records. She has played internationally , moving the dancefloors at numerous open air parties, clubs and festivals around the world, including UK, USA, Europe, India, & Bali, Modem Festival (Croatia), Pukkawallah Festival (Turkey), Hybrid Evolution & Haunted Future Festivals (Greece), Atman Festival, (Sri Lanka) Aumnisphere and Kundalini Festivals, (India).

  goch GOCH    
Goch project was concieved by Vladimir Gochkov. Vladimir is born, and is still living in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The start in the field of psychedelic music was in playing guitar and using an analog Hall machine. The start in the electronic music is in 1999. The long experimenting phase in music got him in touch with the goa trance movement in 2005, and he started making trance music in 2005, after visiting many psytrance parties. Goch's style is psychedelic forest trance, with many experimental influences. The sounds are unusual, and they give a sense of a deep wood. His main influences continue to be nature and mysticism.
  Dragon DRAGON    
Dragon, aka David Scruggs, is an international artist living near the sunny beaches of the Florida panhandle, producing a hybrid style of psytrance and darkpsy . Learning to dj in 1997, he made the trek from progressive trance to the realms of psytrance by 2001, and started composing his own music around 2004. He has been a cornerstone of the trance scene in the South Eastern US, representing the TOUCH Samadhi coalition based in North Carolina. Dragon’s musical productions include a handful of singles as well as two full-length albums; “in.formation” released in January of 2009 and “spirals of time” released in March of 2011. When his career in IT allows, you can find him performing Coast to Coast in the US, hard at work in the studio, or relaxing at the beach !
  Prokoll DJ PROKOLL    
In a year 1982, as a consequence of a small galactic confusion and warfare in USSR, in the land of sunny Afghanistan, where the mountains are high and lots of…. watermelons,  Andre Kolosov aka DJ Prokoll is born. In the end of 1980's he gets to Moscow. And by now for more than 13 years as a professional DJ, with his own unique taste of the night and of the forest’s sound, Prokoll has been shaking some asses on the dance floors.
His first meeting with electronic music happened in 1993, and  direct acquaintance with psychedelic trance music in '98. Becoming a part of the most powerful of the Russian underground team Feeless Sound System, where Prokoll is the resident till these days. More than 10 years, Andre together with his friends has been organizing both underground parties and larger Open Air's. In May of  2012 Andre met DJ Niki and Mighty Quinn Records, with whom he expects a fruitful cooperation. He hopes to further develop his potential, as well as Mighty Quinn’s potential in particular.
  Bubbleguns BUBBLEGUNS    
BubbleGuns is a psychedelic trance project from India that is deeply influenced by sounds of nature and how they all come together harmonically to form music that is deep, profound, and groovy ! Solid grooves, wobbling basslines and super-sticky psychedelic sounds is what BubbleGuns is all about. Live/DJ sets are full of liquid soundscapes, sounds flying in from everywhere and the dancefloor is transformed into one big energy bubble. BubbleGuns is constantly making more and more music and various tracks will be released SOON! A powerful, extremely groovy live-set is in the making, which dancefloors will get to listen soon and witness a bouncy, groovy, psytrance experience.
  Mussy Moody MUSSY MOODY    
Im'm a psykedelic trance producer from Denmark. Originally born in Vietnam. I have been making music for 13 years now. In 1999 I started in a electronic computer school in Aarhus, where I began to make psytrance. And after that I've been working as a sounddesigner in a software company called Koblo which make synths and samplers. I have big passion for the madness in psytrance and have been in projects like Psylo Cowboys and The Dizzy Elf.
DIGITALIAN is one of the well known producers from the land of rising sun.
He has been making music since 2006 with much influence by early time of Parvati sound such as Grapes Of Wrath and Digital Talk.
Got into psychedelic trance music in 1999 after a couple of years started to dj and now ready for a live set
His music is telling trippy stories with sense of humor,filled of twisted sound,groovy rhythm and always full power!!!

  Fearkiller FEARKILLER    
The first experiments with a sound in 1998-99. With 1999 for 2003 did music of absolutely different directions and moods... From Hardcore gabbba up to Drum'n'bass, Dub and Ambient... During too time there was a hobby for development goa trance, as a result has entered in psychedelic trance... Project Fearkiller has arisen in the beginning of 2005 year, after closing previous project Quazifreak. The new project has distinguished more rigid and fast, night sounding.
"I try to bring a maximum of philosophy, power and mysticism of a wood in which I often scoop energy for the future compositions in each track."
  Quasar QUASAR    
When you want to activate your mind and your body, one of the best methods is extended dancing to tightly-integrated, complex, polyrhythemic, electronic, tribal music. This is what you get when you listen to psy-trance or neo-goa trance. Whether Quasar produces and performs solo or with world-class musicians -- such as Dylalien, Mubali, Ghreg on Earth, Manifest, Psykovsky, Jelly, Dejan, Ocelot, Dog of Tears, and countless others -- you can expect a level of skill and artistry that will have your mind jumping and your body bumping!
  DJ Shota DJ SHOTA    

DJ Shota (PsyLab/BrainBusters/MightyQuinnRec) Born in Tokyo in 1974. Encountering psychedelic trance in 1997, Shota soon became a DJ, traveling to over 25 countries including India, where he stayed for three and a half years. In 2003, Shota joined the Psychedelic Laboratory and has been a mainstay at Discovalley Records and Parvati Records label parties in the Tokyo area. In 2006, Shota joined the editorial team of Posivision, Japan's premier free underground electronic music magazine. Shota currently spends his time DJing, organizing parties, and pursuing enlightenment.

  Konvndrvm Konvndrvm    
John ‘Johan’ aka Konundrum is a Central Coast native responsible for the underground label and non-profit : JellyFish Frequency Recordings established in 2012. He has long been a member of the San Francisco psychedelic movement and has enjoyed countless events and gatherings both near and far. An accomplished musician and DJ he looks forward to what comes next. Be sure to look out for his full power psychedelic album coming soon on Anomalistic Records. www.soundcloud.com/konundrum www.mixcloud.com/knndrm www.jellyfishfrequency.com
  Nagual Nagual    

Behind Nagual project is Pantelis Rizas, born November '77 in Athens, Hellas.His first influence with psychedelic sounds comes around his 14th birthday, in an underground party held in an old cinema of the city. Four years later, he buys some DJ equipment, and starts mixing and making outdoor parties in mountains of Akrata. After that he plays in parties around the capital. Early 2005 he joins Scientific Sequence team from Denmark, and in 2005 participates in a festival over there called middle earth by the name boing.v.boing, but also one in Thailand(phi phi islands) in 2006 called half moon . At his return,change his name to nagual and he continues playing DJ sets in Athens (B-fest/Legalize it) as well as in other cities, but also in private mystical gatherings like the ones in Mount Olympus and Samothraki island.

In 2010 he joins Discovalley Records DJ roster. In 2012 some of his gigs include the Parvati party in Athens, Space camp gathering in Russia by Sonic Chakras and Tangra festival in Bulgaria. after 20 years in the scene he seems more than ready to travel the audience with his unique forest and dark sounds.last year he starts his first step trying to make his own music. as he says music is something very strong to say in few words and music is just a hobby for him. the important thing is to have experiences by meeting people with same vision and respect for music. music is culture and not money. he played with artists like dark elf,looney,fractal error,zoon,magic seeds,already maged,goch,attoya,captain kirk,jahbo,zoolog,papiyan,system overload,onkel dunkel,encephalopaticys,saikozaurus,shivattva,taigan sunset,troglodytes,aegolious,procs,loke,sonic chakras crew(boris,,olejan,stealth,meto),and real vision music (phil & rami )after space camp he joint real vision music family. and now he's also in 25th bike records which is a collaboration among gnomh,boris 604 fx and damian ditch.

  Spore Spore    

Spore is the solo project of Matteo Fracarolli from Italy. When he was 14 he discovered psytrance music around Italy in illegal parties and he began to feel interested to produce it.
Spore still make different genre, interested in any kind of psychedelic music and sound, can be faster or groovy or forest,  still tripping into it.
Hope you enjoy!

  Gu Gu    

Psychedelic trance producer Gu a.k.a Takumi Yamaguchi was a born in Japan. 
In 2004 he wondered onto the Indian sub-continent, and stumbled into Goa, completely unaware that he was about to have his life changed. In Goa he had his first encounter with this thing known as Trance Music. After dancing at a couple of parties he decided to become a DJ. He gets heavily influenced by sound of psychedelic music. In 2006, with the aid of DTM he wanted to create an original sound. Then he started to produce his own music. Dark sounds with groovy bass lines being his signature. 

Elowinz is Diogo and Tomas from Sao Paulo, Brasil. Friends since childhood they have got a long history of music and party together. Their music roots are in Hard Core and Punk bands where they played and performed in the undergound scene of Sao Paulo. The first psychedelic trance experience happened to them in a forest party around year 2000. This party changed their lifes and opened their third eye for fractal world beyond the reality.
Since 2005 they are producing psychedelic music on different projects and in 2012 the Elowinz Live Act became the focus of their productions. Inspired by the world music and cultures, Elowinz is characterized by alive leads, always changing and moving, combined with deep atmospheres and earth shaking basses.
The detailed percussion work together with arrangements of different samples and synthesis are gently guiding the dancers into trance. After playing a lot in south America, now the first over sea bookings are coming in. During summer 2014, for the first time the Elowinz live act performed at various European Festivals!!
Tet from Japan is the man behind this project. Jangaramongara is perhaps the best way to describe the music produced under this project. The word is an onomatopoeia, which means the word stands for the sound that is describes. His first stint in Goa was in 1998. Upon returning back home to Japan, Tet began blasting psytrance music at loud volumes. His mother’s response to his newfound passion was that the music sounds like gibberish, or “jangaramongara”. Jangaramongara has rapidly become a hot favourite all over the world, with labels, musicians and dancers alike.
  Khaos Sektor    

Khaos Sektor is Miguel Muchagata born in Portugal in 1983 in a small city( Covilh‹ ) on the mountains. Miguel discovered psytrance in 1999, when he started going to parties. Shortly after, he started making his own music. In 2005 Miguel got involved in Khaos Sektor Project with his friend, Faggot Syndrome, who later quitted the project, and Miguel continued alone. All the tracks are from his solo project.
Is style can be described as variety of powerfull frequences and sounds that will give you an altered reality experience, with tripy mental sounds and strong basslines.
His music became known- Goa Gil has placed him many times at his dj charts-and soon he started playing at parties all over Europe, central America and Japan, and big festivals, like Freedom Festival , Psycrowdelica Festiva, Indian Spiritl and Boom Festival.

  Koala Koala    

Koala (Wu Yung-Hsiang) was born in Taiwan and came to know psychedelic trance in 1998. In 2002, he entered the music production team 26D and 2005 tried his hand on creating experimental electronic music (psychedelic), editing weird frequencies and noise and strove to form sounds that sounded even more fantastical and interesting.


  Propagul Propagul    
Propagul is the project of two talented musicians from Russia, Moscow (Evgeniy and Maxim). Both started their musical experience long time ago and step by step were developing their skills in making tunes as well as djing on different parties. Evgeny and Maxim started their psychedelic experience as two separate projects - Kiru and Maximus - made lots of tunes and released many of tracks on different labels such as DARK recs, Triplag music, Blitz Studios, made solo and split albums. After some years of working under the projects their meet each other in the scene and decided to make collaborated project named PROPAGUL - its mainly forest vibes style expressing some life experience and thoughts and emotions connected with our earth and nature. Now guys are working on their first EP as joint project and gonna be released on Sonic Chakras label. Meanwhile doing some stuff for different forest labels such as Digital Shiva Power, Mighty Quinn and Another Dimension music as well as doing some collaboration with other musicians all other the world. PROPAGUL project performs on Russian and CIS countries.
  Silent Horror Silent Horror    

Jigar Silent Horror Shah is a psychedelic trance producer based in Pune, India. He signed with DVSM Records early on and saw his first track coming out on the label's debut compilation "Refused". Having developed a very distinct sound, Jigar's music quickly became very sought-after which in turn resulted in dozens of tracks coming out on various labels in the following years. Years of work finally paid off and his debut album "Nemesis" was put out by Devils Mind Records in September 2007.

In February 2009, Jigar put out a CD EP, Patterns EP, which was based on the concept of releasing his latest sounds in a limited edition only. Four years after the release of his debut album, SЋance was delivered to shops worldwide, which may well be the first psychedelic trance album ever written and produced at sea.

Kleber Colombini and Thiago Del Torto are two friends from Brazil, Kleber from Campinas was born in 1993 and Thiago from Sao Paulo was born in 1990. In 2013 they created this project as a union of two friends who had contact with music since they were children, years later, going to parties in Brazil they had their contact with psychedelic music, where they got amazed and found what they were looking for. They got to knew each other in college studying electronic music where they started making some experiments together. The main idea of the tracks are to take into a trip inside the mind through dense atmospheres, twisted synths and rhythm. Looking for surrounding intelligent stories during the music, bringing the digitality of sound close to the human nature, making tracks a spiritual dancing trip.

Psyc0ma - Project was founded in early 2006 by good friends Oleg Psyc0ma and Andrey Ultravision. In mid-2006, Oleg and Andrey started playing Dark Pychedelic Trance at private parties, dj sets complemented his own tracks. By 2007, the project has played on several commercial activities - for the most part already his own tracks.
In late 2007, the project will join an experienced and talented musician Denis Rigpa. After that, the sound quality has improved.
In 2008 the project played on most major dance events of Moscow. In mid-2009, 2009 Andrew left the project and starts to develop in a different musical style.
After a long break in 2013 Psyc0ma released his first joint album with Maximus on BlitzStudios: Maximus & Psyc0ma – Unlocked secrets.

Currently Oleg Psyc0ma is the current administrator of the main Russian psychedelic trance portal - psytrance.ru


In 2013 Psyc0ma released his first album with Maximus on BlitzStudios
Oleg Psyc0ma worked with: M.M.C., Maximus, Propagul, St1Tch
For Booking please write to intrance52@gmail.com

  Forest Bamp    
Forest Bamp is the dj project of Bam Verdugo. He is a young dj based in Madrid, Spain. After going to some electronic underground parties, he discovered the psytrance scene, and felt in love with it, specially with forest psytrance. After this, he started to djing trying to find his own style. In his ecliptics sets he tries to mix old epic tunes with the most fresh releases! He is the founder of Ritual, a madrid bass collective that organizes parties, trying to promote fresh psychedelic sounds from global underground scene.
  Gompa Nurba    
Gompa Nubra is a project by Rene & Louise. We started our journey as artists in november 2012. We always had a great interest and passion for psychedelic music and both been djing for 10 years prior to our debut as artists. Our first intention was to play around and see where our creativity would take us and that led to much more than we ever could have imagined. And we are forever grateful for that. Our music has taken us around the world and to amazing events and spectacular places where we met and are still meeting passionate, devoted and committed people to the scene and that inspire us a great deal and give us a drive to keep doing what we are doing and wouldn't trade for anything in the world!
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