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  VA - Infinity Voyager    
Mighty Quinn Records strikes back once again with a full length, and as usual fully psychedelic V/A "Infinity Voyager". A Voyage into Space for true admirers of deep, highly intelligent and superbly qualitative tunes written by our friends from around the world and representing some of the new guys on the block as well as Mighty Quinn's previously released pioneers of music production. "Infinity Voyager"- guarantees to take your mind to stupendous places, discovering new dimensions and immenseness unreachable before. Each track is like a poem, which opens up different feelings within human's soul. This time compiled by Label's Dj Forest Bamp from Spain and Supported by Label's owner Dj Niki, the selection of music took sometime in order to come up with a perfect storyline for people who love, support, respect and care a lot for the future of our planet and life on it! Keep dancing, keep listening, keep creating and respecting each other, and as always thank you for your kind support! Truly and Always Yours, Niki. BooM!
Mighty Quinn Records hits back with the third digital EP called "Le Grand Mix Up". The name speak for itself, this time its an EP of REMIXES of some of the favorite tracks previously released on the label! Each RMX is a unique interpretation of artists mind and like a new drawing adds some new colors making it sound completely different. Better to say a totally new composition was created, taking the tune into a completely new directions! Like a sound experiment, it will be delightful and pleasurable trance experience for listeners. Keeping the label's full power psychedelic approach, the music on this EP will show a different side of a coin! Take a minute and listen to all new details, changes and nuances which will make your trip colorful and as always easy going! Credits go to Bam Verdugo for the cover, to Zoolog for mastering and of course to all label artists who participated in this release!
  One Love VA - One Love    
Lean back and inflate your hearables as Mighty Quinn Records once again connects you to the frequnecies of mama earth, presenting you V/A "One Love". This faerietale is carefully composed by head honcho Niki and propels this well established label back to the top where it belongs. As the label carefully moves from CD to pure download media we try to keep both the visual and audio aspects of the production up to the high standards that we are known for. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  Sunchild - Reach Out Sunchild - Reach Out    

Mighty Quinn Records is proud to present "Reach Out," the debut EP from California-based producer Sunchild. Made for a groovy and introspective dance floor, "Reach Out" offers unique frequencies charged with powerful leads, organic tones, deep basslines and evocative atmospheres. These songs were inspired by Sunchild's longing to connect with his inner self and to connect with other people, and are meant to be a means for the listeners to do the same."Reach Out" is the first chapter of a new psychedelic story and is just a taste of whats to come from Sunchild.
-Produced by Adam Heckart
-Cover art by Matthew Heckart
-Mastered by Sean Price @ Misery Loves Company, Oakland, CA

  Back to the Mothership VA - Back to the Mothership    
Mighty Quinn Records is proud to present yet another addition to the Psychedelic scene of the World, VA "Back to the Mothership." Composed out of 10 tunes, the VA represents different aspects of life in the World we live in. Each composition shows emotions and feelings of the artist, which are reflected in the music. It took me some months, almost a year come up with a perfect combination of tunes, which create a perfect story for the listener and dancer. Smooth, forestial atmospheres, deep powerful baselines and rythmic kick-drums, along with super trippy leads is a recipe for a perfect composition, which I am extremely happy to release on Mighty Quinn.
  goch GOCH - Unknown Tales EP    
From the mystical foresty mountains of Macedonia comes out a beautiful creation by the name of GOCH. Bringing us the most amazing, innovative and beautiful sounds in psychedelic world yet! The EP, released on our label will contain a story of six trax and will be available in digital format only through our website and few friendly destributions. Its guaranteed that it is better to listen to it once than to hear about it one hundred times, do not miss it.
  va - eye of the beholder VA -Eye of the Beholder    
VA Eye of the Beholder is finally here from Mighty Quinn Records. Mighty Quinn Records is well known around the world by many for the magickal Forest Psy sounds which are always sure to send you on a psychedelic journey beyond your imagination.
Amazing deep trippy foresty sounds with a full power groove from all the best Mighty Quinn Artists old and new. Saikozaurus, Dejan, Fearkiller, Jahbo (ecto...gasmics rmx), Farebi Jalebi, Captain Kirk, Magik Seeds, Donkey Shot, AnnoyingNinjas and the new addition of Quasar form USA, California!! We are proud to present to you our newest addition to our discography and to your lovely ears.
Full power progressions with tight production all around. The hair on your back and forearms will raise up from pure excitement as these full power shamanic transmisions grace your body and your ears with deep and powerful vibrations.
This compilation tells a story like no other so listen from beginning to end so that download of information may properly attain its rightful place in your heart.
  Red - Audio Drama RED - Audio Drama    
As a result of a ten year work with sound, at last Mighty Quinn is proud to present a full length album "AUDIO DRAMA" of Russian Psychedelic project hiding under alias RED. Being spotted on numerous compilations released on various labels around the world, RED has established a particular unique sound, very high in its quality and musical details. "Audio Drama" is an experiment with sound, which totally excludes the fluffy approach to music creation, Each tune is a different story and a different sound, or better to say mood, full of changes, ideas, emotions and authors feelings towards humanity and the world in general. It’s a transformational album, and every listener will get a personal piece of this musical creation, and keep it inside the mind forever!! Certainly somewhat "cold" at moments, but purely directed by the soul and musical mind, "Audio Drama" can be compared to a " Solo Voyager" flying in space into infinity, encountering full power magnetic storms, radioactive tornados, or otherwise peacefully floating around......The story continues and never stops! The CD carries a secret message, a crypted note - a puzzle, which must be solved by YOU after all!
  VA - Somatic Frenzy    
Mighty Quinn Records presents its fifth anniversary release. The V/A "Somatic Frenzy",Features 10 previously well kept tunes by the upcoming psychedelic minds that we believe should be heard and represented. The ten trax are by: Nxum, Freakplanet, Annoying Ninjas, Farebi Jalebi  , Magic seeds, Freakplanet (rmx), Saikozaurus, Loke, Digitalist & Dr. Magnus and Dohm. The CD presents a complete psy-trip that is perfect for mind and dance. Pure Meditation is undoubtly hidden within these tunes. The story is one of those journeys, where a musical "magical" intervention takes place. Party freakz and listeners will be pushed to extra dimensional extremes. We try to keep the bpm in a range of 148-150. We believe It's the finest speed for the dance experience in nature! The cover will be by our dear Naoto Hattori and Mastering by Monno aka Onkel Dunkel!!!  
Mano vs Biosynthesis - Non Fiction    
Mano and Biosynthesis “Non Fiction” is a unique release. It heals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of human existence. Utilizing sounds waves as a way to mind, through modern psychedelic experiences leads the listener of this CD to be taken into the shamanic states of meditation, which are beyond their consciousness and experience the most amazing journey. The music will lead to state of self-discovery and self-realization. It will open up the minds of listeners and let them break through to the other side. The CD sends a message of peace, respect and reality “non fiction”. The listener will discover previously unheard and absolutely unique, magical and innovative sounds. Perfect for the festivals and dance rituals. All the trax took months to compose in order to create the special effect suitable for forests, mountains, deserts and indoor events. Every tiny sound, every lead and effect are composed to perfection. No two sounds are the same. Every trak brings a new story and a new message to the listener. The rhythm of music is perfect for dancing. The listener will connect with the outer world and the realization of oneself and reality, the vision and the purpose of life will become clear.
The music on this CD is medicinal, and it will heal your soul and the earth. The CD has a story of eight trax. Four tunes by each project. Be creative and support the music!
  VA - Invisible Hand    
Following the successful worldwide release of Beauty and the Beast, Mighty Quinn Records is thrilled to present its third installment straight from Tokyo, Japan - The Invisible Hand. Unexplained changes in human brain chemistry through episodes of intense psychedelia bring about large but unintended movements in global human behavior, as if being guided by the force of a massive invisible hand. The latest push by The Invisible Hand delivers 9 previously unheard and carefully chosen chapters from artists and friends in our network, featuring Encephalopatycis, Distorted Goblin, Drury Nevil, Parus, 1rgum 3urgum, Gorump Peyya, Donkey Shot, and a 12-minutes epic closer from Derango. Let the forces of the Invisible Hand guide your consciousness into the uncharted territories of sound. 01. Encephalopaticys 02. Distorted Goblin 03. Drury Nevil 04. Parus 05. 1rgum 3urgum 06. Gorump Peyya 07. Muktisvara 08. Donkey Shot 09. Derango. Enjoy.
  VA - Beauty And The Beast    
After the wroldwide success of "Royal Straight Flush", and a year of careful music research and deep listening Mighty Quinn Records Niki and Toshi bring you the second compilation called "Beauty and the Beast". It contains 10 previously unheard and custom made trax by our favorite music projects. Bringing to the spotlight a few new projects as well as some of projects previously released on our label. All the trax been chosen to provide the listener with most psychedlic and fresh sounds form around the world. Each trak has its deep story and all of the trax are unique in style and production. The projects featured on Beauty nd the Beast are: Puzza Dao, Orestis, Tromo, Hokus Pokus, Already Maged, Muktisvara, Madness Increazzed, Irgum Burgum, Drury Nevil, Safi Dafi. It's guaranteed that the music on this compilation will take the listener on a true psychedlic journey!
  VA - Royal Straight Flush    
The compilation titled Royal Straight Flush includes includes 9 tracks from producers throughout the world. It features projects such as Jellyheads, Dejan, Puzze Dao aka Digitalist, Sonik Scizzor, Red, Darkshire and Detonator, Aenon, Orestis, Madness Increazzed. This is a compi-lation full of intelligent, trippy and insightful underground atmospheres, and it delivers an overall package of excellence. Released Sept. 2006
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